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little boots remix contest winner announced!


after much anticipation, little boots has announced the winner of her ‘earthquake’ remix competition.  

congratulations to supernoir, who’s winning mix you can hear below:

little boots ‘earthquake’ - supernoir remix by supernoir

you can hear all the entries over at the contest’s group page.

Anonymous said: who the fuck are YOU?

just some folk (from the music industry), breaking new ground (using nothing but free services, mingling…)

we do KNOW that the future of music is p2p and drm ;)
we WILL find a way for everyone to be happy!
experiments, experiments…

enjoy the show

promo dj set by dr. kucho!

energetic mix from dr. kucho! nice mixing, song selection is brilliant.

if you have a chance to hire dr. kucho!, please do. judging by his other stuff - you won’t go wrong.

as his site says: “dr. kutcho! making house calls since 1993.”

dr. kucho! - promo dj set january 2010
by dr. kucho!

  1. leroy styles and albert harvey ft chappell - rain down (genairo nvilla and jaquelino ferreira remix) [afrazoo]
  2. malente - i like it (riva starr snatch mix) [fools gold us]
  3. inaya day & dj eako - superstar (sebastien lintz & simon gain mix) [spinnin’]
  4. silvano da silva - kalimba” (main mix) [open bar music]
  5. swanky tunes - the prophecy (leventina club shout) [unreleased digital]
  6. the nycer feat. otneall prise - who let the dogs out (swanky tunes mix) [jolly roger]
  7. cuca from brazil - happy face (cuca’s face mask mix) [proud sound]
  8. paul gardner, hugh gunnell feat. marcella woods - come get my lovin’ (plastik funk remix) [milk & sugar recordings]
  9. clou - don’t regret (billion dollar dogs remix) [jolly roger]
  10. daniel portman - baaly (original mix) [unreleased digital]

shop at amazon.com
swanky tunes - the prophecy (original mix)

shop at amazon.com
music by: dr. kucho!

insider tip > promo dj sets

please, DO NOT include a voice over (of any kind!!) into the mix directly. we know of no one who likes that when listening to a promo set (pisses us off to no extent hearing it over and over) - so if you want to have a better chance of being hired based on your promo set - do not put the damn voice over. save that for the radio.

just to be clear, we’re talking about “dj [insert your dj name here] in the mix” or anything along those lines. what you should AND must do on your promo, and that (almost) nobody does, is to include your name and phone DIRECTLY AFTER THE SET - after the music ended.

assistants usually have trouble with hand writing, small fonts and trying to discern a phone number over the music - yes that IS true - some people give their phone number in the mix. would you believe it!?

your twitter account is fascinating for sure - but all we want is your phone number and a name, so if either is missing your twitter (or any other account) won’t help you much…

also, never send just ONE set as a promo. would you consider a designer after seeing his one design?

happy promoting.


bbc radio one essential mix

was surprised today by the revelation that SOME people (yes i mean YOU, you weird (but cute) person in a public cafe looking over my shoulder) - ha ha ha - don’t know what bbc radio one essential mix is and yet they claim they are ‘so into’ electronic music.

still i’ll make out with you, since you’re so cute. rawrr….

i swear baby the song that just started playing (boney m - daddy cool 2010 (dirty bass project club mix)) is a completely random freaky chance! not saying i wanna be your daddy, or mommy - whatever your fetish may be. no wait - that is what i am saying. <3

p.s. yes, this is how i find dates :)

p.p.s. love you pete tong

(— S)

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sunny day sets fire - wilderness (css remix)

kavinsky remix competition winners announced!


with 500 plus entrants to the competition the winners have now been chosen, congratulations to…

kavinsky’s choice: sawagii

record makers’ choice: robotaki

fans’ choice: bordeaux by night

really awesome remixes!! our vote for the best out of the three goes to ROBOTAKI! though - the genres are different, and it was a hard call! yours?

kavinsky - nightcall
(robotaki remix)

by robotaki


kiss kiss kiss are announcing the re-launch of their brilliant debut album “release the birds” by giving their fans the chance to participate on this new release by remixing the tracks. for 10 lucky winners, your remix will be featured on the forthcoming release. better still, the best remixer will be chosen by the band to play a 30 minute dj set at the release party in copenhagen. for the details click here

remixes of: pink floyd - another brick in the wall

the it crowd

roy [singing]:
we don't need no education.
yes you do; you've just used a double negative!

it so happens that the ‘the it crowd theme song’ is a wonder to remix. have a listen.

the best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them.

ernest hemingway (via crookedindifference)

some of the best opening theme songs for tv series

thank you wett for the inspiration.

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